It is now possible for you to book an appointment with a doctor at the surgery online, and also request repeat medication electronically.

In order for you to use this service, it is first necessary for you to attend the surgery in person (with identification) in order to obtain your own personal PIN document. This will give you the necessary information to register on the appointment booking/prescription website, and create your own secret password. This ensures that only you are able to book appointments/request repeat medication for yourself. You should not give this information to anyone else. Parents of children up to the age of 16 can request the PIN document for their child, and hence use this service for their children.

Once you have your own personal PIN document you can now book an appointment with a doctor/request repeat medication, by clicking on the link below and logging onto the secure website.

In order to book an appointment/request medication please click here

Please note that we reserve the right to cancel access to the website if we feel that this is in your best interests.

With time we hope to increase the number of services provided by this website to include a facility to view your own medical records and also pre-register at the surgery.